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Blessing Platinum Co-Founder

Born in 1989, Blessing’s entrepreneurial flair came in her secondary school days where she formed her first student-based ventures. Her first young venture involved hand made natural lip balm, manufactured in her mother’s kitchen using fresh summer fruits, a tub of Vaseline, a kitchen blender and empty (sterilised) lip balm containers. The homemade balms became a must-have accessory amongst her school peers as news of her product went viral. Blessing received a vast number of repeat orders and she would happily fulfil those orders as long as her clients promised to retain their empty containers for refills.

Blessing’s second venture would take form of capitalising on the unorganised characteristics of her fellow pupils. By purchasing school writing equipment from her local pound store, Blessing would notoriously become the one-stop-shop for students who needed writing equipment for their lessons throughout the day.

Soon enough, her exciting ventures would come to an end as she was set to relocate from her home in London to the new surroundings of Cambridgeshire. Though her business endeavours would temporarily grind to a halt, Blessing was still able to carry out her passion for acting, a passion she has been actively involved in since the age of 7.

A Bachelor of Law, Blessing’s roles within the Platinum-Williams Group include the overseeing of the financial, commercial, legal and creative affairs of the group’s assets and subsidiaries.

Blessing’s passions involve mentoring and empowering young women; encouraging them to focus on their dreams and ambitions and coaching them to live a life of purpose and fulfilment.

Michael Williams Co-Founder

Michael grew up being the eldest of 4. Growing up in a musically-talented family of music directors and singers, Michael taught himself the art of digital music production using industry-leading production software. He would continue developing his new talent by lending his skills in the production and arrangement in many of his family’s projects.

This would then lead to Michael starting his very first music production venture in his last years of secondary school. He would be involved in producing projects for the school’s musical department showcases and for friends who were aspiring for careers within music. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the progression of his production company would temporarily remain paused for the time being.

During his first year of college, Michael discovered another talent – graphic design. Again, self-taught, Michael would use his skills coupled with his knowledge in branding and marketing to help his father’s first restaurant business. He would become responsible for the development of the restaurant’s visual identity from the menus, marketing material to the website.

Michael would later on meet Blessing during their time at university. By then, they agreed to join forces, using their creative and technical abilities to embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

Michael’s main roles within the Platinum-Williams Group include the analysis and development of the technological and creative interests of the group’s assets and subsidiaries.

His passions also involve acting and editorial design and development.